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Welcome Aboard the Beer Ship

All aboard the Beer Ship!

We ship craft beer to you!  Check out the new addition of the Captain's List.

First time aboard the Beer Ship?

Ahoy! Welcome aboard the Beer Ship!  We exist to bring delicious high quality craft beer to your door.  Start by reading up on what States we can ship to and learning more about the Beer Ship process by reading our FAQ page.  We are currently shipping in 12 pack and 24 pack boxes.  The 12 pack boxes can be used for large 750ml bottles on down, and the 24 pack boxes are limited to 22oz. and smaller bottles.  You get the most efficient shipping cost per bottle when you fill up a whole box.

How long will it take my Beer Shipment to arrive?  See this map for estimated shipping times.  If you order all IN STOCK items, we will ship the next business day.


Ho ho ho Beer Shippers!

Ye olde Christmas is nearly upon us!

With our sextants and maps of the stars we have determined that getting a shipment of IN STOCK items to you by Christmas mandates an order placed by December 15th!

If we get the order after the 15th, we'll do our best, but cannot expect delivery by the blessed day of December 24th.

If you place an order for anything that is not in stock, this may delay the order.  Please include notes about your wishes should anything not be in stock.  For instance, we can choose replacements for you, we can try contacting you for replacements, or delay shipment until everything is in stock, regardless of whether it will get there by Christmas.

You can check the Shipping Times map to get an estimate of shipping time, if you feel lucky.  And of course a Gift Certificate is always fast, because it is sent in an email.

Note: IN STOCK items can be shipped right away.  If it's not in stock, we will try to get it in time to ship, but the chances are much less.  It's OK though, we have over 1,000 different unique beers in stock right now.

Captain's List News

The Beer Ship's captain has been hoarding some recent finds it turns out.  There's a near mutiny on the Beer Ship to find space for all of it!  As a consequence, the Captain has posted several beers that have not been available yet, and has reduced the price on several more.

In fact, he continues to post as he hit the rum a little too hard and didn't get done with his job last night.  Keep an eye on the Captain's List if it interests you!

Here's a fun one.  The Captain has discovered some lost Abyss and Black Butte Reserve bottles and vintages.  And managed to haul in a few new cases of this year's Abyss.  Since there are only a few left, a 2 bottle limit has been imposed on the new ones, perhaps an Abyss vertical will show up in your stocking?  And some Crux Tough Love, first release, by the brewer who originally invented The Abyss.

Midnight Sun Deschutes Ninkasi Alaskan Firestone Walker Uinta Double Mountain Double Bastard Fremont Sierra Nevada

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