Avery Barrel-Aged Series #28 Fortuna Sour 12oz

Avery Barrel-Aged Series #28 Fortuna Sour 12oz
Brand: Avery
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This brew was inspired by the flavors of a margarita, and although tequila must be made in Mexico, Avery found a tequila company called Suerte that is owned and run by a couple of Bouderites. Avery’s brewers aged a sour beer in Suerte tequila barrels for 9 months and then added fresh lime zest and Maldon salt. Fortuna will be available at Avery Brewing on May 3 with a menu featuring a variety of barrel-aged beers paired with dishes that pay tribute to the Mexican culture that inspired this unique beer.

No. 28. As luck would have it, our amigos at Suerte dig our brews as much as we do their tequila. They graciously provided their finest barrels. We filled them and created sour, salty, and citric awesomeness.

Item Configuration
Availability One and Done - When it is gone it is GONE
Bottle Size in Oz 12
Bottles per Unit 1
Units per Case 24

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